Introduction to Xcode Cloud

Build. Test. Deliver.

Building an iOS app requires multiple steps: building, testing, delivery, and a number of different tools(Xcode, Instruments, TestFlight).

Xcode Cloud is a feature of Xcode 13 and currently in beta.

Apple recently announced a new way of getting this all together in one place and provided a solution for the developers to focus and be more deliverable by introducing Xcode Cloud in its WWDC21 event. Xcode Cloud workflows can automatically build your app in the cloud, eliminating the need for dedicated build infrastructure.

  • What is Xcode Cloud?

Xcode Cloud is a continuous integration and delivery service built into Xcode. Xcode Cloud helps automatically building an app because it's built in the cloud and your mac system becomes free for other tasks. Xcode Cloud helps teams to save changes that introduce errors so everyone can find and fix the issue.

Xcode Cloud also runs the automated test cases in parallel while simulating the app and the results can be seen in the Xcode. Minimizing the GitHub efforts the Xcode Cloud would help developers emphasize building a great product.

  • How does Xcode Cloud work on Xcode?

Xcode shows the live status of the app while building the app on the cloud and lets you filter by the build tasks you want to monitor.

  • How does Xcode Cloud work on AppStore Connect?

AppStore Connect shows you critical information about your Xcode Cloud builds and testing results, and displays screenshot feedback from testers.

  • How does Xcode Cloud work with Test Flight?

For internal testing, a team of 100 testers can instantly test the application once deployed on the cloud.

For external testing, a team of 10,000 testers can be validated with a public link. You can send a specific branch with unique development features.